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When Is Drug and Alcohol Help Needed?

There are many individuals in America who carry on with life without knowing that they have an addiction. It is very easy for one to confuse leisure consumption of alcohol with excessive consumption, a result of addiction. Drugs are abused and used in large quantities. Addiction can be quite dangerous if it goes unchecked or untreated and can result in serious and fatal body complications or death.

Complications such as liver cirrhosis and mental problems are brought about by addiction. In order to know whether you or a loved one is an addict, the following are the signs which you should look out for. These will let you know whether drug and alcohol treatment centers are needed.

Neglect of Responsibilities and Duties – Individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction tend to neglect all other duties, be it at home or at work. They put consumption of these substances as a first priority compared to other important matters they should be handling.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Drug Abuse Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug and alcohol addicts often experience withdrawal symptoms if they fail to take these substances for a short period, which could be a day or less. They get symptoms such as seizures and shakes which only stop when they consume these substances. They also get anxious due to lack of alcohol.

Dependence on Alcohol and Drugs

Addicts tend to rely on alcohol and drugs to solve their problems when they are stressed. This dependence makes them consume these substances excessively. A person who depends on such substances to solve their emotional problems and to calm them in times when they are either nervous or anxious is an addict and needs to be taken to drug and alcohol treatment centers for help.

Lack of Control of Intake – Individuals who are addicted tend to lack control of the amount of substances they intake. They find themselves trying to quit but the body has already adapted itself to the regular intake of these substances and quitting becomes a problem. Help should be sought from drug and alcohol treatment centers to ensure individuals recover from their addiction.

Rationalizing – Drug and alcohol addicts try to argue that they have not taken too much alcohol and will always compare their intake to that of others. They often give reasons and excuses which are not valid trying to prove that they took the substances because of the circumstances surrounding them.

Denial – Addicts many times deny that they have a drinking or drug problem and will constantly lie about their habits. They will deny consuming certain substances and try to show that they are clean.

Craving – Alcoholics and drug addicts have cravings and intense urges to take the substance no matter what time it is. This has made them keep such substances to take them when such urges come up.

Tolerance – Addicts often take large quantities of alcohol or drugs to get intoxicated. This shows that the body is tolerant to these substances and there is need for urgent treatment. If you or someone you know has shown the above signs of drug addiction, there is need to seek treatment 800-234-8334 from drug and alcohol treatment centers.