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Synthetic Cathniones (Bath Salts) Treatment

Synthetic Cathinones, better known as bath salts, is a drug that is snorted, ingested or taken intravenously by abusers. The drug is derived from a plant called the Khat plant and is considered to be similar to an amphetamine. The effects of the drug include increased sex drive, paranoia, excessive solar behavior, hallucinations, violent behavior and psychotic behavior. The drug is believed to be 10 times more potent than cocaine and is extremely dangerous.

Treatment for bath salts addiction consists of multiple layers to help the individual physically get past the addiction and then mentally break free from the drug. It requires the physical work to remove the poison from the system along with the follow up of the mental component of their addiction. Doing this alone is extremely difficult and the task has a better chance of succeeding when attempted with the help of a professional group.

It Begins with Detox – The first step in treatment for addiction to bath salts is going through a detoxification program. A detoxification (detox) program is intended to rid the body of the drug that is actually acting as a poison in the body. This is typically accomplished by having the individual stop taking the drug while under the supervision of a professional. Due to the serious nature of the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping the use of bath salts, a team of medical professionals work with the patient to help them cope. In some cases they can provide the individual with medication to help them manage the symptoms.

Synthetic Cathniones (Bath Salts) Treatment

Withdrawal Symptoms – Some of the symptoms related to stopping the use of bath salts include extreme chills, body aches, hallucinations, headaches, nausea, body aches, goose bumps, stiffness, paranoia and fever. Because the body is ridding itself of the poison it will do so in the fluids of the body causing vomiting, excessive sweating and even diarrhea. These symptoms will be different degrees depending on the individual and their drug use.

Behavioral Therapy – In addition to ridding the body of the drug it is also important that the individual address the reasons for their addiction. For some it is due to experiences in their past or maybe an underlying mental illness. Getting to the root of the problem can help the professionals teach the individual how to cope with the addiction. This is done with the help of group therapy, individual behavioral modification therapy and for some medication to deal with an underlying issue. For some the addiction to bath salts may be a way for them to cope with stress in life or it could be to replace other addictive behavior that they no longer participate in.

Facing Potential Triggers – The professional staff will also help the individual learn how to cope with things that could trigger a relapse of the addictive behavior. They learn how to spot potential dangers and how to avoid them or face them if they have to. The individual also learns how to reach out for help when they need it. This is something that many of these addicts are not equipped to do on their own and it takes work to get them to think in this manner.

Length of Treatment Time – The length of time that it takes an individual to successfully complete treatment varies depending on the level of addiction and the individual. The treatment can be accomplished most effectively with an inpatient program that allows the patient to have access to help and monitoring throughout the treatment. This is an effective way for the professional staff members to keep an eye on the individual to help them safely reach their goals of being addiction free.

Substance abuse treatment is the solution when you are struggling with any kind of substance abuse or addiction. The right treatment is going to be able to provide you with a wealth of opportunities to overcome your addiction or substance abuse problem. Both detoxification and recovery or rehabilitation are essential in overcoming a relationship with bath salts, so make sure that you choose an inpatient program that is going to address all aspects of your recovery needs. Your treatment program should help you get through the detoxification and withdrawal so that the drug is no longer in your system before helping you create a new, healthy and happy lifestyle without reach from the influence of drugs. Reach out today and find a substance abuse treatment program in your area, and you will never regret your journey to recovery.