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Prescription Drug Abuse Rising in Indiana

When people think about the problems that are caused by drug abuse, generally the first thing that comes to mind is illegal drugs like heroin and marijuana. But while these do make up a large part of the problem, it is not the only cause of these problems. Prescription drugs are also being used illegally for various reasons and there is a lot of crime associated with the trade in prescription drugs.

Problems Associated with Prescription Drug Abuse

One of the most common crimes caused in Indiana by drug abuse is robbery of pharmacies as a method for people to secure prescription drugs for personal use or for selling them on the street. The generic form of the painkiller Lortab has a street price of $3-4 per pill. With the profits that presents there is a rise in crime in the state related to prescription drugs.

But crime isn’t the only problem that is caused by Indiana drug abuse. One of the more popular methods of acquiring painkillers is by going to hospital emergency rooms and claiming to be in pain. This is an effective technique as many times the ER staff is under time constraints that do not allow them as much time in diagnosing each patient. This also has the problem of making the already busy Ers even more overloaded which can hinder the treatment of patients with real emergencies.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Prescription drug abuse occurs in all populations, but a particularly troubling fact is that according to some surveys, nearly 1 in 5 high school students claim to have used prescription medications to get high. There are a few factors that make these drugs particularly attractive to teenagers.

They are readily available. Many of the drugs that are being abused are the ones that are commonly prescribed for teenagers; this makes it easy for teens to get them from their peers. Also, in many cases they are available at home, with expired or unused drugs being left in the medicine cabinet after they are no longer needed.

They are thought to be safer. Many teenagers and adults have a belief that because prescription drugs are used to heal and treat medical problems that makes them safer than illegal drugs. This is not true, used improperly prescription drugs can be lethal in a number of ways.

Prescription drugs are also popular because they don’t have the same stigma to them that many illegal drugs have. People can more easily excuse their abuse problem as it does not look like the traditional view of an addiction.

There is no easy answer for the problem of Indiana drug abuse. However, there are ways to reduce the effect. While parents are more proactive in discussing marijuana with their children, many do not think to raise the issue of prescription drugs. And effective therapy is available, but only around 1 in 10 people who need it take advantage of it currently.

There is no reason to continue struggling with a substance abuse problem. Substance abuse is the gateway to serious addiction, and once you reach the point of addiction it is only going to get worse and harder for you to get the help that you need. Prescription drug abuse, which is described as any situation where the medication is being used in an off label fashion, can quickly turn into something more. People start looking for new ways to generate and experience highs, and the result is deeper and deeper addiction. If you are struggling with any kind of substance abuse problem or addiction, then now is the time for you to get the help that you need. Find a local treatment program offering a substance abuse program, or one that specializes in prescription drug abuse and you will be able to get the help you seek before simple substance abuse becomes serious addiction.